How to recover GDS Mobile/KDS by PC Manager

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    GDS Mobile/KDS is able to be recovered by PC Manager. Please follow the instruction below. 

  Before you begin

    1. Disable Antivirus program on your laptop PC Manager is installed on.
    2. If you use security network on your workshop, ask your IT guy to open PC Manager update server on workshop network. If you don't know the PC Manager server URL and port, contact


   1. Run PC Manager.


        2. Log in with your GSW account. 
                (If you cannot log in PC Manager, click here.)


        3. Click [PC Manager Internet Update] menu. 


        4. Click [Download] button.


        5. Check if download is complete. 


        6. Go [Home] page and click [GDS Mobile/KDS Program Recovery].


        7. Connect the tablet PC to the PC, then, click [Next] button. 


        8. Select the correct device and click [OK] button. 


        9. If SD card is inserted to the tablet PC, please unmount SD card from the tablet PC as following on the PC manager.
        Then, click [Start] button. 


        10. It starts to transfer the recovery files to the tablet PC. 


        11. After transfer is complete, click [Next] button. 


        12. It starts to install recovery files on GDS Mobile/KDS. It takes several minutes. 


        13. After the installation is complete, GDS Mobile/KDS will execute.

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